About Us

Maimunoba (plural - Maimunobebi; pronounced /mɑimunɔbɛbi/) is a Georgian term that means 1. v. monkeying around or 2. n. a silly object.

“What kind of a silly thing is this?”, “what are you planning to do with that silly thing?” - these are the phrases we often heard throughout our childhood, when our parents would refuse to buy us something we desperately wanted.

Our yearning for these denied, silly things was so strong that we thought of millions of different ways of using each and every item we owned. Today, some of them are our most precious possessions. Our rooms are filled with such objects, some - received as gifts, others - bought in many different corners of the world.

The hobby of collecting these silly things fills our lives with so much fun that we decided to share some of it with you, by creating this gift shop. Coming up with its name was definitely the hardest part. During one of our meetings where we were endlessly debating about the topic, Natia’s mom got fed up with our indecisiveness and told us: “Quit monkeying around and come up with something!” - that’s when we realized what would be the ideal name for the shop.

We believe that monkeying around is the most fun of all activities and is associated with many different things. For some it’s playing games, for others it’s drawing doodles, or collecting weird items. Think of what makes you the happiest and #MonkeyAround…

Natia and Elenka
The Creators of Maimunobebi